DING DING! Cian O'Connor VS. Denis Lynch

And the battle begins! 

 It's exactly a week away until the Olympic show jumping begins and it is certainly not short of any drama! Hmmm ... it would be nice to get through just one Olympics without any show jumping drama ... and they say dressage riders are divas! 

Yesterday Denis Lynch launched a legal bid to secure a spot for the Olympics which means Cian O'Connor is at risk of losing his place in the individual show jumping.

A last minute appeal has been lodged to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to appeal the decision to send O'Connor to the Olympics. The case will be heard at 10am on Saturday (28th of July) morning. As the showjumping does not start until the 4th of August it should buy the CAS some time to make a fair and right decision.

Denis Lynch riding Lantinus

Personally I'm really not sure about which of them should be sent. 

As we all remember Cian O'Connor got his gold stripped from him in the 2004 Olympics for drug offences. To be fair his horse, Waterford Crystal, did test positive for prohibited substances but not performance enhancing substances. And wasn't there even more drama with 'B Sample'? Seemed like a bit of a co-incidence to me? He did get a 3 month ban and hasn't put a foot wrong in the past 8 years - really seemed like onwards and upwards for him.

But then again Denis Lynch is not so squeaky clean either. He was banned from competing in the individual showjumping in the 2008 Olympics when his horse, Lantinus, tested positive for capsaicin. He claimed it was accidental as he was using Equiblock, a horse form of Deep Heat. Ok, fair enough that could easily happen. BUT ... haven't his horses tested positive for hypersensitivity 3 times in the past 12 months? It can naturally occur but isn't 3 times a bit much? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here :) 

He did release a statement after Aachen as to why his horse was classed as hypersensitve and I have to say I do believe him as it does make sense? Two hours before competing, a small wound on the near fore leg and an abrasion on the hind leg were found but were not associated with any hypersensitivity. The next day, after having knocked 3 fences the day before, these areas of sensitivity increased and the horse was now classed as hypersensitive and thus Lantinus was disqualified. Denis Lynch insisted his only concern was for his horse and did not appeal the decision.

Cian O'Connor

If Denis is successful in being placed on the team, this will cause Cian O'Connor to become the first reserve rider. Shane Sweetnam, the current first reserve, may lose his place altogether. 

It's really a horrible and difficult decision. Normally I'm pretty good about who should and who shouldn't be representing us but this one has me stumped! Both riders may have made mistakes due to errors or accidents but are at the top of their game and are consistent and hard working.

Who do you think deserves to be given the Olympic spot? Who do you think will get the Olympic spot? Would love to know your opinions on this ... I'm completely lost! 

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  1. I think Shane Sweetnam should moved up and be given a permanent place on the team and let the other two fight it out for reserve ?