Taxing and Insuring a Commercial Jeep

Horses and Jeeps go hand in hand. If you want to compete, train or even just to enjoy a day at the beach then you really need to own a jeep (...and I suppose a horsebox too!). If you haven't got a family to drive around or have a second car then getting a commercial jeep is the way to go. It's much cheaper on tax and there is a bigger boot for carrying all your horse gear around - win win!

The issue of taxing and insuring commercial jeeps frequently comes up on Equestrian facebook groups. There seems to be a lot of misinformation and some people are unsure if it is possible to own one without having a business. It is possible to have commercial tax but have private insurance. Firstly, your jeep needs to meet the criteria to be regarded as a commercial vehicle - this usually means it only has 2/3 seats in the front of the vehicle (ie. no back seats) or is a crew cab.

The first time you tax the jeep in your name you need to fill in form RF11A (which can be downloaded here) and …

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