Grade Sitting within the AIRC

I'm just back from the AIRC Festival and I had a fantastic time. It's one of the horsey highlights of the year and I make a big effort to go when I can. Nothing quite beats surrounding yourself with other horsey people and chatting into the early hours of the morning about everything equestrian (with a few cheeky alcoholic beverages!). For the most part, I love the riding club and have encouraged a good few people to join. It's such a good organisation for any amateur rider and allows you to compete at some lovely venues and avail of affordable training with some top coaches. Just like many other organisations it does have a few niggling issues that need to be dealt with. (All screenshots are taken directly from their 2017 rulebook)

The problem? The large volume of riders staying at levels far below their current true ability and skill. These riders constantly win at lower levels and refuse to move up. To be fair, there are no incentives to move up unless you want to push y…

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