Dealing with Burrs

Every birthday I wished for a big, pink and glittery unicorn to have amazing adventures on and to gallop into the sunset with. Fifteen years later and I'm convinced my horse knows my childhood wish and tries to impersonate a unicorn as best he can. Urghh...the utter moans and groans out of me when I see my big 16.3 hh Irish Draught with a unicorn made out of burrs trot up to me competely chuffed with himself! Arrrghh!

Removing the burrs can be a pain in the ... em ... bum as they can be so difficult to remove! I found that applying a silicone based shine spray or baby oil and letting it soak for a few minutes is quite effective. Then just take out the larger bits with your fingers and comb through the mane with a manecomb to get to the smaller bits. This tip works for the mane, tail and coat too!

To try prevent the burrs from attaching in the first place I apply a detangling spray in the forelock every week. This keeps the forelock somewhat slippy and seems to deter the burrs from sticking as much. If I am out showing or competing during the winter months I wash the main and tail regularly and apply lots of conditioner. A well conditioned tail is a burr free tail! (It also means it was easier to brush them out!)

What tips do you have for removing burrs?

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