New Product: Just-a-Bit-Warmer

Have a horse who's reluctant to accept the bit when tacking up? Fear not because I may just have the solution for you!

Just-a-Bit-Warmer is a new product on the market and is designed to warm up your horse's bit before you place it in their mouth. They claim that it only takes a few minutes to work so while you are grooming your horse the bit can be warmed up to a comfortable temperature. Warm bit = happy horse, right?

It's easy to install too! You just need to mount it to a wall etc with a screwdriver and plug it into any electrical socket and your horse will never have to endure a cold, metal bit ever again! 

Now call me cynical but I just don't really 'get' this product? Even the coldest of metals warm up pretty quickly in the horses mouth and I've never had a horse that detests it that much that would make me consider buying a bit warmer? And what ever happened to pouring some warm water over a bit if it does happen to have a problem with ice cold bits? I dunno, maybe I'm just not the target audience so that's why I'm not overly keen on them ...

It costs $89.99 USD (plus tax!) which works out as about €69 and they are available to buy online here :)

So what do you reckon? A good product for the cold and damp Irish weather ... or just another faddy gadget?

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  1. Hey there, I just discovered your site recently and have really been enjoying it! I live in Canada and find it interesting reading about the differences in show classes, etc. I believe us riders stuck in colder climates are the target audience for this type of product. Believe me, if you have a bit hanging in an unheated tack room at -30'C, you have to warm it up lots before putting it in the horse's mouth. I generally warm mine up with my bare hands but that isn't very pleasant either!