Product Review: Motorola Scout85 Pet Camera

Liath has this lovely little party trick of being able to foal as soon as your back is turned. She caught me out last time with Setanta but I was adamant that it wasn't going to happen this time round! I did one night of foal watch in the yard and knew there had to be an easier solution!

I researched various foaling cameras but not only were they expensive but many ran from camera to TV via a cable, something that just wouldn't be suitable for me as I live a few kilometres from the yard. I ended up chatting to Emma Jane, the owner of Happy Hound, about my situation and she came up with the perfect solution!

She sells the Motorola Scout85 in her shop, and although it's aimed at pet owners it worked well for Liath.

Motorola Scout85 Pet Camera Product Review

On first opening the box I was immediately impressed by the quality of the camera, it felt sturdy and strong. It was small (under 20cms) and very light (just over 500g) which allowed it to be placed in the smallest and tightest of corners.

Setup was a bit fiddly and it took me a few attempts to find the perfect spot to capture the full stable (Liath's stable is 13m x 27ft). Our wifi signal isn't very strong in the yard so sometimes the images can be a bit staggered but overall the quality of the images is good. The night vision stretches to the back of the stable so I can check what she's doing any time of the day or night.

Motorola Scout85 Pet Camera Product Review Night Vision
Looking at Liath using the night vision

You can log on to your camera from your laptop or using the Hubble app (available both in the app store and play store) you can access the camera from your phone. I love being able to check on her while I'm on a bus or at home. You can tilt and pan the camera from both devices.

Unlike the normal foaling monitors it allows two-way communication. I can play music or even speak to Liath over the camera....although I usually leave her in peace ;) I can also hear what's going on in her stable ... I never knew she was a snorer!

You can set up notifications if movement or sound is detected (something I don't use as they move a lot in the stable!) but also if the temperature goes above or below certain values.

There is also a subscription service (first month free) that records for you to allow you to watch over at a later date. I did not avail of this service as the 'live' viewing is adequate for me. 


Small and light
Can be viewed from anywhere!
Two-way communication
Temperature notifications
Cheaper than alternatives
Night vision


Setup is a bit fiddly
You need WiFi

Motorola Scout85 Pet Camera Product Review Horse Stable Day Vision
Screenshot from during the day

I can 100% say that it is great for foaling mares! I had planned to leave the lights on should Liath show signs of imminent foaling when I brought her in ...but as usual she kept quiet and didn't show any of the normal foaling signs! I checked the camera at 10pm - nothing, 11pm - nothing, and by pure luck I checked it at 11.30pm and she was down giving birth! I raced to the yard and got there in time to hear her push one last time and he was out. I was able to run in and check everything was okay and that both mama and baby were well and then left them alone. It's nice to give them space to bond but also be able to watch them closely for any problems.

I would recommend this product for anyone who has a mare due to foal but doesn't want to stay on foal watch for weeks, but also for the everyday horse owner who simply wants to keep and eye on them. Money well spent!

Emma Jane from Happy Hound has offered me an exclusive discount just for my followers! They normally sell for €235 but if you quote "TackNTails" you'll get 15% off!!


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