Stud and Breeding Horses Terms Explained

Spring is here and that means lots of foals being born and lots of owners making plans to get mares covered. There are many abbreviations and terms used in contracts that are fairly confusing, especially for amateur breeders like myself. Here are a few I've come across since I ventured into the world of breeding horses. I hope it helps!

Breeding Terms
This refers to a horse's sire.

Out of
This refers to a horse's dam. (ie. which horse it came out of!)

Half Sister/Brother
When two horses share a mother. Two horses sharing the same sire as NEVER referred to as half-siblings due to the number of progeny he has.

Full Sister/Brother
When two horse's share the same sire and dam.

This is referred to it as the breeding of two horse's that are not related within the first 4 or 5 generations. In Irish draughts, it usually means having no King of Diamonds, Clover Hill or Pride of Shaunlara in their pedigree.

Stud Terms
NFNF (No Foal No Fee)
Different studs have a different meaning for this. Some will refund your money if your mare isn't in foal by the 1st of October (or another date). While some studs mean this that if the foal isn't born alive.

NFFR (No Foal Free Return)
Similar to the above, but that you get to return to the stud to try again for free. Most of the time this will apply to the same mare, but in some cases, you can change the mare. While this normally applies to using the same stallion, some studs may allow you to use another of their stallions instead. This really depends on the stud and the contract.

1st of October Terms
This is related to NFNF and NFFR and uses the 1st of October at the cut off point for the mare to be in foal.

LFG (Live Foal Guarantee)
This guarantees a live foal being born. If the mare doesn't take to a stallion they will often offer her free returns to a stallion until she gives birth to a live foal.

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