A Horse's Guide to Christmas

Try to be patient while your owner dresses you up in tinsel, antlers and various silly decorations. They seem to get some sort of pleasure seeing you decked out in tacky and sparkly things this time of year.

Stand still and pretend to enjoy yourself while they take loads of photos of you wearing said tinsel, antlers and other tacky decorations. 

If you see a big man, dressed in red with a large beard and hat, don't be scared! He seem's to be around a lot this time of year. If you're very good he might even give you a few carrots!

Your human may seem a bit stressed out this time of year. Best to take their mind off of things by getting really mucky just before they turn up to ride, or even better, pretend to be lame every now and again. The latter usually means you might even get a few extra carrots! 

Get used to the repetitive, dreadful noise that is also known as Christmas Carols. This usually commences from the 1st of November until January! 

Keep a close eye on the calendar, especially for December 25th! This is the day your human will appear in the yard with lots of treats and maybe a few new brushes and accessories for you. And there's no catch! Just sit back and enjoy being spoilt. 

However, be wary if you move to a new home a few days before the 25th. This usually means you are the present! You will be forced to wear lots of tinsel and ribbons. Expect lots of screaming, cuddles and photos once your new human sees you. 

Stephen's Day (or Boxing day for the non-Irish horses) is the day where you can get your own back. Your human has likely overindulged and suffering from a human form of colic and will really appreciate it if you are really fresh and lively. The perfect time to show off your bucking and broncing skills!

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