Goodbye little ponio

I got some bad news the other day that Tilly, a riding school pony I used to have lessons on, was put down last year. I had been on the case of finding her again in the hope I could give her a nice retirement home where she could live out her days and be a companion pony.

She was a pretty little 14.2 black mare possibly in her early 30's! I was bold and used to sneak her a few polo mints before and after a weekly lesson. I don't know why I was so drawn to her as she wasn't great at flatwork, wasn't particularly fast and not that good at jumping ... but to me she was perfect and could do no wrong. I was gutted when I outgrew her and had to ride bigger horses - but she still got her few polo mints each week!

I feel a bit guilty I never got the chance to see her again or say goodbye. But every cloud has a silver lining and I do have some good news on the way! :)

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