A Horses Guide to Christmas

I recieved this today and just had to share! :) Enjoy!

*A Horses Guide to Christmas*

Be good and put up with silly decorations / antlers / silly hats being added to your normal tack. Humans seem to get some kind of pleasure out of seeing you with decorations / fake antlers / silly hats this time of year

Pretend to look at least some what amused when they take your photograph wearing decorations / antlers / silly hat.

If you see a large man with a white beard and a very loud laugh - DON'T PANIC!! This is quite a normal occurrence at this time of year - he does not eat horses!

Remember to be especially patient and calm with your human being during this time. They may appear to be more stressed out then usual and they probably will appreciate a big wet slobber :)

Be aware that you may have to listen to a cacophony of hideous sounds repeated ad nauseum in the stable yard - these are called Christmas Carols and are sounds humans use to remember what time of year it is, be patient and the noise will stop ... ... in January!

Take note of December 25th as this is Christmas day. This is the one day of the year that your human will come bearing large amounts of treats and if you are lucky they won't expect you to perform, exercise or compete. Lie back and enjoy the peace and quiet - heck have an extra carrot!

Be wary of moving to a new owner for Christmas - especially if you are a pony! This could result in being made to wear a big red ribbon and having to stand quietly under a Christmas tree in the human's living room. Expect onset of screaming once new human arrives ...

Look interested when human arrives with a large Jolly Ball, lick or stable toy then kick it into the corner ...

Boxing Day is an excellent day to repay your human for the Christmas Holiday. They will probably be suffering from the human form of colic and will really appreciate if you are exceptionally fresh and lively!

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