Way to go Illinois!

Yay!! Illinois state passed a legislation yesterday allowing miniature horses to now be recognised as service animals along side dogs. The bill allows the equines to accompany disabled students to school and other public places in which service dogs are allowed.  

One party who must be delighted about this are 'The Horse Guide Foundation' who were set up in 1999 as an experimental program to test miniature horses potential as an alternative to guide dogs. I must admit I did wonder why we should be using horses rather then dogs (surely the horses would need 'horse time' in a field...and what about the poop?!). According to their website the mini's are pretty well suited to life as a service animal due to their longer lifespan (30-40 years!), good manners, stamina and excellent vision (350 degree vision as well as being able to see in the dark!). They also benefit those who are allergic or have a phobia of dogs - something I never really considered before. 

They just keep getting better and better - it turns out they are even toilet trained! Personally I would LOVE to see a similar programme brought in here - Surely once they are happy, looked after and willing to help then why not give a horse a job?

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