New Product: StudShu

Absolutely loving the look of this!

StudShu is an innovative new equestrian product that has only recently hit the shelves ... and I for one am dying to try it out! It was invented and developed by a horse owner from Co. Down, who is an experienced (30 plus years!) breeder and producer of young horses for Show Jumping and Eventing. StudShu isn't trying to change the tried and tested method of providing grip but, instead, aims to make the process easier and safer for both horse and rider! 

Now, I've had silly and excitable horses at shows (Jack ... obviously!) who made it near impossible to fit studs to but was as quiet as a lamb at home. StudShu acts a a protective cover that allows you to fit studs at home and to travel safely to shows. One fitted the hoof is level and balanced, thus hugely reducing stress on the pedal bone, coffin joint and navicular area. 

When you arrive at a show they can be peeled off and you're ready to go! Even better, the StudShu is easily refitted (as shown by the video below) so if you want to put your horse back in the box for a bit you don't have to worry about taking off and putting the studs back on! If it saves time, then its already a winner in my books! 

It is also great from a safety point of view - we're all too aware how silly horses can be and how they can literally stand on themselves when they get excited. A silly horse with studs in is just asking for trouble ... I've seen first hand how quickly and easily they can damage themselves. As the StudShu covers the studs the hoof is essentially super safe ... so no more stud injuries!

They state they shouldn't be left in direct sunlight ... hmmm not really going to be a problem in Ireland I don't think! :)

I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover .... but I do! I want products that are tidy and easy to clean. Everything looks great when it's in a shop but it's only when you get it home does it really prove if it's a good product or not (for me anyway!). I want products that when they get mucky or poo-ed on will still come up looking brand new after a wash :) To clean these you simply wipe clean and remove any debris ... sounds handy enough! :) 

They are available to purchase directly from their website for only £29.99 (~€37.50) or from TRI Equestrian for €43.50  I reckon that's a total bargain, If and when I get round to buying a pair I'll let you know how they hold up :)

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