Measure your Horse with your Phone!

Another brand new horsey app has just been released to both the Google Play and itunes app store. 

High Horse is an app developed specifically for the quick, easy and accurate measurement of horses. The app gives the measurement in inches, centimetres and hands (the traditionally preferred method for measuring horses). 

It works by using your phone's camera to capture your horses height in 3 easy steps. Firstly you enter your own height, then you capture your horse's hoof at ground level and then at wither height. Then simply press the calculate button and you're done! 

The application also comes with instructions built into a separate screen so is practically foolproof! 

I think this app could actually come in quite handy especially around young or nervous horses. Plus it's far quicker, easier and cheaper then using a measuring stick (and its saves space!). It's probably quite handy too  for keeping an eye on youngsters height while they are still out in the field.

The downside for me is the cost. It costs €6.02 which I think is quite expensive for such a simple app. Not really something you would use everyday so I think I'll have to pass on this unless it comes down in price. 

It also doesn't have any user reviews for it yet so it'll be interesting to see if it is as accurate as it claims to be! 

If any of you do splash out and get it please let me know how you get on with it :) 

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