What is a VSD saddle?

A VSD Saddle
Dressage and Jumping saddles are pretty self explanatory in terms of intended use but what exactly does VSD mean?

The literal meaning of VSD is "VielSeitigkeit Dressur". This is from the German for Multipurpose (vielzweck), Jumping (springen) and Dressage (dressur) - which roughly means a versatility dressage saddle. These would be the German equivalent of a general purpose combined with a dressage saddle.

We have given these saddles the moniker "very slightly dressage", which is pretty accurate! They tend to be designed for flatwork, hacking and dressage but just forward cut enough to allow you to pop a small jump.

Saddle Comparisons: Jumping, General Purpose (GP) and Dressage Saddle

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