Product Review - Bulldog Horsebox Hitch Lock

There are few things in life that beat galloping down the beach with the waves crashing on one side and miles of beach in front of you. I block out the wind burn and watery eyes part! And if you go down far enough on Donabate beach, and go over the dunes, there are lots of ditches and a few mini jumps. Word of warning though, it is also a nudist beach. I found this out the hard way... still scared for life.

Having a horsebox means I can hitch up at short notice and just head to the beach anytime. It gets used alot for shows and competitions but it's the unplanned trips where it really proves beneficial. Setting off, just the two of you, for some fresh air and a blowout on the beach.

Unfortunately, its becoming a little bit too common to hear of horseboxes getting stolen. The thieves have it sussed, they know your going to be gone a while and can take their time unhitching and stealing your horsebox. Given that most are not marked or easily identifiable, they can sell them on easily with a low chance of being caught.

Parts of the Bulldog hitchlock

I was recommend the Bulldog lock by a mechanic friend of mine. He said they're a brilliant deterrent and much harder to damage and remove when compared to other hitch locks and wheel-locks. I picked one up from my local agri shop for about €150. Seems a lot at first - but its cheaper than a new horsebox!

I've had mine for about 4 years now and it stays outside in all weather. It's exceptionally well made and works as good as day one. They are really quickly and easily fit on to the hitch.  There is a gold dummy rind that locks into place, restricting access to the towing point.

One of the biggest advantages of the Bulldog Hitch Lock is that it can also secure the horsebox on to the jeep. So not only is it protected against theft on the yard but its also prevents thieves from unhitching it from your car. To secure it to the car you use all the normal components except for the dummy ring.

As these meet police standards, many insurance companies also offer a lower rate if the Bulldog lock is used.

The Bulldog hitch lock in action - above with the dummy plate removed. Below with the dummy plate attached. 


Can be used whilst attached to the car
Can be used independently, protecting the idle horsebox
Drill and pick resistant lock
Insurance approved
Weather resistant and long lasting


A bit dearer compared to other hitch locks

I cannot speak highly enough about these hitch locks. Although they seem quite expensive at first, this cost is justified as the lock is dual purpose (being used on or off the jeep). It's proven itself to be long lasting and can be used outdoors 24/7. It's much stronger and sturdier when compared to other, cheaper, hitchlocks.


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