The Perfect Gift?

I was a complete riding school kid growing up and of course had my favourites (one being Tilly who I mentioned in an earlier post) and loved going up to the yard and to feed, groom and take photos of them. My parents were always saying that they couldn't afford to have a horse of our own so I made do with lessons and helping out on the yard at every given oppertunity.

Christmas usually meant to trip to Holmestead Saddlery for me to get new jodhpurs, boots or some other riding gear...not to mention the compulsory dandy brush or mane comb :) But there are only so many grooming kits and horsey hoodies you can buy before you get a little disheartened and bored :(

This is where utterlyhorses come in. They make model horses but with an option of having them customised to be an exact copy of any horse you want. You get to choose from a wide range of colours, breeds, sexes and they can do facial markings, leg markings and even dapples! You don't even need to buy a model horse from their collection, they will even customise any model horse that you may have lying around at home! I would have loved to have gotten this as a gift so I'm sure other ponyless kids would feel exactly the same! It could even be the perfect gift for someone who may have lost a horse and wants a way to remember and commemorate them.

It's quite pricey (about €120) but it's a once off and something you would have forever! I'm currently debating with myself whether to get one done of my old horse Jack. They do have an Irish Draught model horse that they could use...hmmmm that's surely a sign to get one! :)

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