A.I and Equine Reproduction Short Course

With breeding season right around the corner so now is the perfect time to start looking at stallions, checking out potential broodmares for sale and of course checking out books about breeding and raising a foal. It's a little dream of mine to breed my own horse, watch it being born, train it up and be a strong and successful team. Ahhh a girl can dream! :)

I was researching A.I courses online the other night and stumbled across this 3 day (24th - 26th of February) complete A.I and reproduction short course being held in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. It is aimed towards breeders, veterinarians as well as the average horse owners wanting to learn more and expand their knowledge. It looks really promising and they state they will cover all areas of reproduction including  the mare, the pregnant mare, timed insemination both with both chilled and frozen semen, the stallion, semen collection, how to train the stallion and even talk about good and safe handling tips. The course will also include practical sessions, Q&A's and even money saving advice ... always a nice little bonus!

The course itself is being taught by some of the top reproduction experts. The lectures will be given by Jos Mottershead of Equine-Reproduction.com and the teaching and practical work will be supported by Jamie Anderson BA Physiol and Kate Murray, a presenting veterinarian. Students will be given course notes, which are always handy to have and reference at a later date :)

At the end of the course, an A.I technician certificate will be awarded and participants will be able to  perform A.I , although unfortunately in Ireland there is no current licencing laws regarding A.I.  This course is DEFRA approved in the UK though, so hopefully if it is to become a licensed profession in the future then this course will be of extra benefit  :)

Cost, unfortunately, is a huge factor for me and at €550 (or €450 if booked before the 3rd of February) may just a little bit out of my price range I'm pretty much up in the air about it but I am seriously considering attending. It's looks so good and judging by reviews online this is one of the best reproduction courses currently available. It's a once off fee for something that should give you skills to last you a lifetime ... hmmm, I really am tempted to go! ... aghh decisions, decisions!

More information about the course can be found here :)

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