A New Horsey App for iPhone and Android

accidentally stumbled across this app the other day while checking out other available horsey apps. Horse Rider SOS is a unique app for the rescue of horse riders who find themselves isolated and in trouble and is intended to make hacking much safer.

Hacking is a great way to get horses fit, enjoy the countryside and also makes a great break from the monotony of riding in an arena everyday but there is always that small risk that comes with hacking. Horses are unpredictable and we all know that it can take something as small as a noisy plastic bag to cause a horse to panic and flee, and possibly dumping you in the process. This is where Horse Rider SOS comes into play, it is an innovative new tool which sends a panic message to your emergency contact which contains your exact GPS position in the event that you fall off or have an accident. 

While you are riding, your activity is being monitored in ‘tracking mode’ and should you become unseated, injured or unconscious, the app will recognise that you are no longer moving. Once this happens, the app will enter ‘alert mode’ and it will send a message to your chosen contact. Once the alert has been triggered, your exact position can be detected via a GPS Map so that you can be found quickly and without delay. 

And it gets even better, false alarms are prevented by a built in fail-safe mechanism so that alerts are only sent after a pre-determined user-defined period of inactivity so no need to worry about causing panic and worry unnecessarily! Once ‘Alert Mode’ has been activated, the rider is notified and is able to over-ride the system if it is a false emergency.

The app is available for both Android and iPhones and is priced at just €5.86, a small price to pay for peace of mind to ensure safe and happy hacking. I really think this is a must have app for riders everywhere!

Further information can be found at www.horseridersos.com or on their facebook page :)

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