Shayne, The World's Oldest Horse has Died :(

Shayne, believed to be the worlds oldest living horse has died after reaching the amazing age of 51! 

The 15 hand liver chestnut Irish Draught x Thoroughbred had been enjoying his retirement at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, Essex, where he still managed to go out in the paddock everyday, despite having mild arthritis. 

Last month, however, he took a turn for the worse and was unable to get back up after his legs gave way and staff took the decision to put him down. The founder of the sanctuary Sue Barton, commented saying "he was great to own and we are delighted to have had him and we shall miss him dearly". She put his  longevity down to his strong personality and the fact that his previous owners did not over work him. 

As you can see from the photos he really did look amazing for his age and is a credit to those at the sanctuary who looked after him. Sue also said that "He was such a lovely horse with a great character and he showed how good a horse of his age could look". 

Shayne is now going to be cremated free of charge thanks to Row Green Equine and Pet Crematorium in Braintree. The sanctuary  which completely relies on donations to fund its work, now has the hard task of deciding on a final resting place for the wooden cask cask carrying Shayne's ashes. 

Run Free Shayne :)

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