RDS Dublin Horse Show 2013 - Irish Draught Stallions

Am I the only one that is finding this summer going far too fast?! I swear that heatwave last month threw me completely and now I'm behind in everything I had planned to do ... including updating this blog! Oops :) The (only?) upside to summer drawing to a close is that the RDS Dublin Horse Show is on! Bargains, international showjumpers, famous riders, famous horses and of course the showcasing the best of the best Irish horses all in one place for one week only :)

I headed along on Thursday as I had two friends that wanted to enter the Blossom Hill Ladies' Day competition. While neither of them won I was delighted to see that a fellow Dub was named the Best Dressed Lady. Anne Marie Blennerhassett (32) from Renelagh won a holiday to New York for two worth €8,000 along with €1,000 spending money - just what every new mums deserve! She bought her sage green dress online from Etsy for $90, her green and white hat was custom made by milliner Carol Kennelly from Tralee, Co. Kerry and her beautiful pearl clutch bag was from her wedding day three years ago! I love when people mix a bit of old and new together and can create a stunning outfit ... I normally end up like a recycling project gone wrong - bahahha :)

I really admired Betty Edwards from Terenure who, at 92, made it into the top 10 best dressed ladies! I've sworn that when I get to that age and I can no longer ride horses I wan't to go around to the various horse shows and races and get really glammed up and have really big and bold outfits :)

So while my friends were queuing I snuck off to have a look at the Irish Draught parade and to have a sneak peek at the five new stallions that were joining the competition this year. There were only 12 stallions competing this year compared to 17 last year - but I guess it's about quality not quantity :) There were 5 new stallions on show this year which the crowd loved!

I will have more photos on my facebook so be sure to check it out :)

The Lady's Man 
Chestnut, 2008

Cappa Cassanova
Grey, 2006
169cms with 24cms of bone
Winner of the RID stallion class at the RDS 2012
Second place in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2011
Winner of the ID stallion ridden class at Equifestival Ireland 2011
Top score in working hunter in Northern Ireland Festival 2011
Winner of the young horse ridden class in National Show 2011
Fourth place in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2010
Won his first ever side saddle class too!

Gortfree Hero
Liver Chestnut, 2002
175.5cms with 23cms of bone
Second in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2012
Winner of the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2010
Grade A showjumper with 249 SJI points

Kiltealy Silver
Grey, 2009
171.5cms with 23.5cms of bone
Newly approved in 2012
(more info)

Ballineen It's William
Liver Chestnut, 2008
170cms with 25cms of bone
Was the youngest stallion to be approved in 2011 at only 3 years of age.
Was reserve at the RDS stallion class in 2011 and was the youngest stallion being shown

Grey, 2003
166cms with 23cms of bone
Was third place in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2011
Second place in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2010
Complete outcross stallion

Heigh Ho Dubh
Black, 2003
167cms with 22.5cms of bone
Was 3rd in the Stallion class at the RDS in 2012
Was 3rd in the Stallion class at the RDS in 2010

Liver Chestnut, 2003
172cms with 22cms of bone

Dunsandle Diamond
Roan, 2006
174cms with 23.5cms of bone
Newly approved in 2012
Achieved a bronze merit in showjumping

Moylough Bouncer
Grey, born 2002
171.5cms with 22.5cms of bone 
Was 4th in the RID stallion class in 2012
Is a Gold Merit stallion
Competes 1.30 metre showjumping events and had 110 SJI points to date
Outcross Stallion
Guaranteed to breed only grey offspring
(more info)

Liver Chestnut, 2008
173cms with 23.5cms of bone
Approved in 2011 as a 3 year old
Won many championships as a foal, yearling and a 2 year old

Harkaway Lionhawk
Imported into Ireland in 2012, one of only two North American stallions imported into Ireland
Only stallion decendent of Roma Blue Wind
Near outcross stallion
(more info)

I was really impressed by the lineup this year and thought it showcased the Irish Draught perfectly. I loved the mix of the old style and more traditional looking Irish Draught such as Ballineen It's William and Bellamont as well as the sportier and more modern looking Irish Draught like Cappa Casanova and Kiltealy Silver. 

Cappa Cassanova proved hugely popular and really knew how to show himself off during the trot up - he is stunning and boy does he know it - so it came as no surprise when he came first for the second year running. He brings home the Perpetual Champion Trophy and €1,800 to Jimmy Quinn in Cappa Stud. Did anyone else think he just belonged in that sash!? I was delighted to see that another favourite of mine, Gortfree Hero, came second. He is a huge, strong looking horse that has such presence and I love that hes not just a pretty face - he's a grade A showjumping stallion too who regularly jumps 1.30m!

Dunsandle Diamond and Kiltealy Silver were two new stallions on show this year and were placed 4th and 5th respectivaly. Liam Lynskey was back again this year with his stallion The Lady's Man and his gold merit stallion, Moylough Bouncer, who did him proud by finishing up in 4th place.

The Results :
1st - Cappa Cassanova 
2nd - Gortfree Hero 
3rd - Dunsandle Diamond
4th - Moylough Bouncer
5th - Kiltealy Silver
6th - The Lady's Man
7th - Scrapman
8th - Heigh Ho Dubh

Looking forward to next year's show already! :)

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