Tack N Turnout - Hunting

Isn't it funny how a few weeks ago we were being melted by the heatwave...and suddenly we seem to be in full on Autumn mode - I've been wearing my woolly hat on the yard the last 2 days! Brrrr :(

But it also means that the hunts (and hunt runs!) are going to be starting up soon - lucky for some! I don't think I'll be able to attend this year due to my mare still having her foal at foot, but watch out for us after Christmas!

Anything and everything goes!
  • Try to use a comfortable and well fitting bridle as your horse is going to be wearing it for a few hours. 
  • Any bits are permitted for hunting. Most people use a bit slightly stronger then their normal riding bit due to horses getting excitable and stronger when out in a group. A pelham with roundings is a popular bit :)
  • I'd always recommend rubber reins - they won't get slippy if and when they get covered in mud or rain 
  • Make sure your saddle is comfortable for both you and the horse...and wear a discreet numnah under it to soak up any sweat and just to provide a bit more padding :)
  • You can use martingales
  • Be sure to check all stitching before you go out...it's really not fun being halfway round and having a stirrup leather snap!

Boots and Bandages
  • You are allowed to wear any boots (but not bandages!) but it is strongly discouraged. Boots have a tendency to soak up water and mud and can cause bad rubbing of the horses legs - which makes having boots quite counter productive!

  • Horses should be thoroughly groomed when turning up to the meet
  • Manes should be plaited
  • Tails can be pulled, plaited or kept natural. Some people fold and tape the tail up (like a polo pony) so that it doesn't get heavy and drag drag or irritate the horse should it get wet or muddy. This is also perfect for those into showing so that you don't lose chunks of your tail on branches throughout the winter!

A plaited and folded up tail

Don't forget to check out my other page which is all about what to wear for a day's hunting :)

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