Equestrian Hack: Bucket Covers

I was given a goody bag by the RSA recently and it contained all sorts of stickers and some hi viz clothing. The tabard was put to good use for hacking but I wasn't quite sure what to do with the school bag cover. It's been sitting in the back of the jeep for a while now - one of those things I keep meaning to give away to someone....I'm so glad I didn't!

The other night I was making up a bucket of beetpulp and noticed a few fruit flies flying around. They're incredibly annoying and I hate when they get into the beetpulp.

Que genius moment!

I got my school bag cover and removed the additional elastic straps (for securing it on to your bag) and it became the perfect bucket cover. It's fully elasticated around the edge so it  fits any size bucket and its breathable too! Recycled and free....a win all round! 

(The RSA give out hi viz tabards and school bag covers for free, please click here for more information)

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