Keeping Horses Safe from Fireworks

There is the debate whether to keep horses in or out when there are fireworks and bangers about.

Some will argue that they're safer inside with the radio on loud to drown out the noise. I, however, am in the opposite camp.

Horses have an inbuilt 'fight or flight' response and the majority will chose fleeing as their first form of defense. When faced with a scary or confusing situation most will try to escape from it before turning to conflict. Being confined to a stable can be disastrous with some ending up excessively pacing or attempting to jump out. I tend to leave mine out in the field over night. They can run about if they're scared and have the security of the herd to support them.

I double check that the fencing is secure and that the electric fencing is on and then I just throw them out. I normally check on them during the evening but they usually have their heads down and are happily munching away. Not sure if its the open space, the lovely grass or they're just not bothered by the fireworks?

But happy horses = happy me!

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