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There is nothing more annoying than being at a show or a lesson, and needing to tie your horse up but there's nothing around? Trying to tack up or put studs in while they're in the box just isn't an option and often there's just no one around to hold your horse while you sort them out. So you end up doing that octopus like dance of trying to hold the leadrope while fixing their numnah and tightening girths. It's awkward and not very practical!

I normally use split twine on the yard but wouldn't trust it for the horsebox so I starting looking around for an alternative. After much searching online I came across the EquiTie which seemed to tick all the boxes - safe, breakable and cheap! They described it as being "...a simple to use horse tether which is attached between your lead rope and securing ring. Made from strong rubber Equitie provides a deliberate breaking point should your horse panic". It seemed like a much safer alternative to twine whilst still being strong and durable.

The EquiTie on the front and ramp of my horsebox. The back one is much smaller as it has snapped a few times. 

EquiTie is made from a thick piece of rubber that slots through a plastic clip which makes it easy to move around from surface to surface. The product itself is weather resistant and can be kept outdoors all year round - something which I can confirm to as I've had two on my horsebox for about a year and they're still as good as new!

The rubber on the EquiTie is strong enough to provide some resistance, but under pressure it will snap. I have found that it will withstand some slight pulling and the horse moving about but should they pull back it will break snap and the horse is released. I particularly like these as they are tough enough to not snap at just a small little tug. As the EquiTie is designed to break it may not be suitable for those who constantly pull back and barge while tied up.

The downside is that once the rubber snaps, a section breaks off, so you need to tighten it onto the remaining length. Something which will get smaller with every use, so the EquiTie will need to be replaced after a few uses.

Not very impressed at being forced to model! 


Safer than baling twine
Stronger than similar products on the market
Weather resistant
Can be left outdoors all year round


Have a limited lifespan - could get expensive having to replace it
Limited availability in shops and online

Where to Buy: 

Single EquiTie - Amazon £4.68
5 pack of EquiTie - Amazon £18.90


Overall, I think this is a handy little product and I'd definitely buy it again for using on the horsebox. It's good value for money, even if it will need to be replaced after a few breakages, I now feel much happier about tying them to the horsebox or other surfaces while I'm out.

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