What to Wear: Hunter Trials

Hunter Trial season is about to kick off. Even if I'm not competing I still love heading along to watch, I have to get that adrenaline buzz somehow!

Hunter trials are probably one of the least relaxed in terms of dress code for the rider. Most specify that a skull cap and body protector compulsory, anything after that is personal preference. I never did have colour coordinated jerseys and numnahs etc but really admire those who do. It looks so fancy and professional!

Riding Hat

Skull caps are compulsory although wearing a silk is not. Most people will wear a dark silk but many match their silk to the numnah and top.

Body Protectors

These are usually compulsory at all hunter trials. Air vests can be worn over them, but cannot be used in place of a body protector.


This should, ideally, be long sleeved. This can be any colour or pattern you like, with most pair riders choosing to match each other as well as their horse's numnah, boots etc. Hoodies are not recommended from safety point of view.


Any colour, pattern or style!

Boots and Spurs

Jodhpur boots and chaps/gaitors are allowed, as are long boots.

Bib/Medical Armband

Some hunter trials provide numbered bibs, while in others you provide your own (and slot your number into it). The wearing of medical armbands depends on the host.

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