Can Anyone Help Bingo with her Lick It List?

It's over 4 years ago since the movie ''The Bucket List'' starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson was released and really made people (including myself!) sit up and pay attention. A bucket list, quite simply, is a list of things you want to achieve before you 'kick the bucket'. I thought it was a brilliant idea and absolutely love seeing older people out doing activities that probably aren't the most sensible or safe but look super fun! Activities they never had the chance of doing, weren't allowed or even denied from doing ... Life is simply far too short and it's never too late to get out there and try new things!

The term ''Bucket List'' is already being redefined by 11-year-old Cole Hein from Canada. 

He recently set up a ''Lick It List'' for his 13-year-old service dog called Bingo. She was given to his family in 2005 by the National Service Dogs due to an undiagnosed medical condition that causes Cole to randomly stop breathing.

Bingo is trained to bark and alert others when Cole stops breathing and needs CPR. She has helped save his life on countless occasions and, thankfully, his condition now seems under control and she has been enjoying a somewhat more relaxed few years ... although never fully off duty! 

In late 2010 she was retired as Cole learnt to control his body and breathing. Bingo was later diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, which is essentially a form of doggy dementia. She was given just a few short weeks to live and this has prompted Cole to form his ''Lick It List'' for his best friend. 

The doggy bucket list includes :
One last public outing to Ruckers [a recreation centre]
A walk around the block
Take her to an arcade
Get her treats from around the world

Cole has set up a Facebook page to help achieve that last wish. The family WILL NOT accept any money donations and stress that all of her veterinary bills are already being covered thanks to pet insurance. All they ask is for people to send doggy treats from their town or country ... so she can taste and experience the world before she goes to the big kennel in the sky :(

So if you can make, bake or buy any Irish doggy treats then please forward them to :
Cole & Bingo Hein
PO Box 413
Shilo, MB

This whole idea and story brought a tear to my eye, all dogs deserve to be spoilt but especially those in their older and golden years. Bingo has literally saved Cole's life (and on more then one occasion!) and all she wants in return is a few treats. I, for one, will most definitely be sending them something nutritious and delicious. It's such a simple idea and I'm so happy to see how global this has become. Here's hoping Bingo gets to spend her last few weeks eating to her hearts content and gets to go on that walk she has been promised :)

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