RDS Dublin Horse Show 2012 - Irish Draught Stallions

Last year I swore I was going to make the effort and get all dolled up for ladies' day at the RDS this year but  of course I didn't. Not because I'm lazy or don't like dressing up but because it's just not really all that practical to be walking around hunting for bargains when you're wearing your best heels! A big well done to Lucy Gilmore Murphy (24) from Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow who was announced as the Best Dressed Lady of 2012.

She wore a cream dress with matching accessories (including an €8 bag from Pennys!) and designed and made her hat herself! She really looked fab and just goes to show you don't need mega bucks to win! She not only appeared on the six-o-clock news but she also gets a trip for two to New York worth €8,000! Lucky girl! Seriously, I really got to enter it some year! :)

Friday means only one thing in my mind - The Irish Draught Stallion class. It's my absolute favourite breed and to have all the top stallions in one ring at one time is just amazing! They have such a presence about them and are so strong and powerful looking. They were really well behaved ... well most of the time! Cappa Cochise decided things were getting a bit boring during the parade on Thursday and made a break for freedom showing off his extended trot and charging around the ring. Poor cappa stud, as their other stallion Ballineen It's William decided he would follow suit and broke free during the competition on Friday. Not the best time to escape but he looked so flashy cantering around while a trail of men were running behind him desperately trying to catch him! Thank god Cappa Casanova behaved and he certainly made up for all the drama by being placed first and bagging the prize of €1,800 as well as the Perpetual Champion Trophy! :)

I took ALOT of photos and will put some on my facebook page so be sure to check it out. Here are some of my favourites though :) 

Liver Chestnut, 2002
175.5cms with 23cms of bone
Second in the RID Stallion class at the RDS in 2012
Winner of the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2010
Grade A showjumper with 249 SJI points

Grey, 2006
162cms with 21cms of bone
Was reserve champion at the RID National Show in 2005
Is an outcross RID stallion

Grey, 1992 
172 cms with 25.5 cms of bone   
Was Ridden Champion and Reserve at the Irish Draught Breed Show (UK) 
Was Ridden Champion and Ridden Supreme at the North West Irish Draught Show (UK) in 2007 and 2009
Gained over 145 British Dressage points in 18 months and competed successfully at medium level
Grey, 2003
166cms with 23cms of bone
Was third place in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2011
Second place in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2010
Complete outcross stallion
Liver chestnut, 2008
170cms with 25cms of bone
Was the youngest stallion to be approved in 2011 at only 3 years of age, and recieved one of the highest scores
Was placed as reserve at the RDS in 2011 and was the youngest RID stallion being shown
Grey, 2007
173cms with 24.5cms of bone
Approved as a Class 1 RID stallion in 2011
Grey, born 1999
168cms with 23cms of bone
Winner of the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2006

Black, 2003
167cms with 22.5cms of bone
Was 3rd in the Stallion class at the RDS in 2012
Was 3rd in the Stallion class at the RDS in 2010
Bay, 2005
168.5cms with 23cms of bone

Roan, 2009
Approved as a Class 1 RID stallion in 2012
Was 2nd in the Oughterard FBD Foal Final and the Ballinasloe All Ireland Foal Final.
Won the Yearling Colt class at the 2010 IDHBA National Breed Show and went on to be Champion Yearling and Reserve Champion Young Horse.
Was Reserve Champion at 
Longford and Mullingar shows in 2010

Grey, 2002
167.5cms with 23cms of bone
Was reserve Champion RID Stallion at the RDS in 2007
Grey, 2002
168cms with 22 cms of bone
Was 5th in the RID Stallion class in the RDS in 2012
Liver Chestnut, 2008
166cms with 22.3cms of bone
Only recently approved at a stallion
The Lady's Man
Chestnut, 2008

Grey, 2006
169cms with 24cms of bone
Winner of the RID Stallion class at the RDS in 2012
Second in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2011
Fourth in the RID stallion class at the RDS in 2010
At Equifestival Ireland 2011 he won the Irish Draught Stallion ridden class. He went on to win Supreme Champion Irish Draught

Grey, 2002
171.5cms with 22.5cms of bone
Was 4th in the RID Stallion class at the RDS in 2012
Is a gold merit stallion
Competes at 1.30 metre showjumping events and has 110 SJI points to date
Outcross stallion
Guaranteed to breed only grey offspring
Grey, 2005
170cms with 23cms of bone
A full outcross to King of Diamonds and Clover Hill lines
His dam, Another June Day, is also the dam of RID Stallion Moylough Bouncer

I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed to see that last year's winner Tors Gentleman Farmer didn't make an appearance. He was stunning and would have provided even more tough competition to some of the horses. I can only hope he comes back next year! Cappa Casanova definitely deserved to win ... I was torn between him and Gortfree Hero ... what can I say, I love my big chunky horses! I was really surprised to see King Alton didn't make it into the top ten. Heigh Ho Dubh looks like a good stamp of a horse but just like King Alton I can't seem to find much about either of them online :( I still hope that someday I'll be in there competing against the best with something I bred myself ... it's a little dream of mine! Now just to find that perfect mare!

The results :
1st - Cappa Casanova
2nd - Gortfree Hero
3rd - Heigh Ho Dubh
4th - Moylough Bouncer
5th - Shenandoah Prince Holly
6th - Gurraun Zuidane
7th - Carrickcottage Star
8th - Cappa Cochise
9th - Ballineen It's William
10th - Castle Crest

Can't wait for next years show! 

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