Tacky or Tasteful - Fluffy Over Reach Boots

I am in LOVE with these! Normally I like to keep my tack and saddlery quite traditional as I've seen how fast horse trends come and go ... but these, these I just HAVE to have! I know they're not to everyone taste but there is something quite posh and fancy looking about them. As well as looking pretty these boots are said to be particularly suited to those horses who have thin, sensitive or easily rubbed skin. 

I tend to spend a bit of money on boots, I figure you should get the best you can afford as, after all, quality isn't cheap these day! (This is how I justify expensive purchases!) I also wan't something that is strong, will withstand being washed, and of course live up to the job it's meant to do! I've set myself a budget of €30 for a pair of fluffy over reach boots and these are the top 4 that I came up with :)

Hzone Sheep Skin Over Reach Boots
Has a soft and fluffy sheep skin to prevent rubbing and maximum comfort to the horses fetlock. Also features a soft boot area with a bulb to prevent the boot from spinning causing discomfort to the horse.
Price : £19.95 (approx €25) for a small to extra large size
Available directly from the Hzone Website

Roma Fleece Thin Bell Boots
Not quite the posh sheep skin look but great value for that price! They have a velcro fastenings so that once they're taped shut that should stay firmly closed. 
Price : £8.50 (approx €10.60) for a cob or a full size
Available from Robinsons Equestrian

Shires Fleece Trimmed Over Reach Boot
These have a ballistic outer and shock absorbing neoprene lining to protect against scuffs and blows. The fleece lining around the top is said to improve the wear-ability and comfort of the boots (as well as make them look pretty). These boots also feature spiral nodules and double layer touch close straps to ensure the boots stay firmly in place.
Price : £14.00 (approx €17.50) and come in pony, cob and full sizes
Available from Robinsons Equestrian

Roma Merino Trim Over Reach Boots 
These are literally just inside my budget and I think are my favourites so far! These are also made by Roma but feature a marino sheepskin trim around the edges of the boots and just like the cheaper pair these also feature a double velcro closing strap. 
Price : £22.89 (approx €28.60) for a cob or full size
Available from The Saddlery Shop

Fluffy over reach boots seem to vary hugely in price depending on the materials used (fleece vs. sheepskin) and some I saw went up to €90 ... which is just a little bit too much for an over reach boot (in my opinion anyway!). The only thing that I'm a bit unsure of about these boots is how they would hold up to Irish weather conditions. I know the rain would ruin the sheepskin but surely so would a sand arena ... be it an indoor or outdoor. I can't imagine it's very easy to remove arena sand from the fluff...and wouldn't that be highly irritating to the horses skin too? Maybe I could get away with using them in the field provided there was no muck around? Arghh I'm so torn as to whether I should get these or not!

What do you think? Are they Tacky or Tasteful?


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    1. Thank you very much - glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Eskadron's sheepskin overreach boots are the best, every time you wash them they look brand new. And they last very well, I've had mine for over 6 months and they're still looking great!

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